Saturday, October 17, 2009

Night Teror coop final

After minutes and minutes of work we have finally completed the coop portion of our powerpoint presentation known only as NIGHT TERROR!

here is the changelog:
-Set the house on fire.
-Players start in the mouth of a giant shark.
-Added 700 new trees.
-Bathrooms now appear to be recently used.

-Replaced with moria only UPSIDE DOWN

-Added infinite panic event that starts the moment players leave the saferoom.
-Stairs are narrower
-more smokers near the stairs
-Increased the size of the tank so he looks more Balrog-like
-Giant boulder on your shoulder for those who are feelin kinda older

-Changed the greenish colors to blue to make the map more accessible to the colorblind
-Ends with a giant witch boss fight on the top of a burning oil tanker in space

-Added a church, a fountain, and an industrial warehouse


  1. You forgot a few things I changed on my map:
    - A horrible piece of shit song known as "Jungle Drum" will repeat the same sentence over and over again, in high pitched tone for the entire map
    - The fog is so thick that you can't see the tip of your gun
    - Since you can't see the tip of your gun, you'll have to listen to your gunshots to be sure you're actually shooting
    - Oh wait... you can't since "jungle drum" plays so loudly you don't hear shit
    - There is a hidden trigger that will spawn 12 Tanks simultaneously
    - Got good and bad news: Good news is there is a secret room with a flamethrower and a rocket launcher
    - Bad news is I lied and there is no secret room at all
    - I decided to copy the de_aztec level from CS:Source and make t-shirts and sell them for big money to promote my map.

  2. i'm curious between and
    which one do you update file first?

    just a question (= A =)o

  3. is always the first to be updated as it's the campaign's homepage. Well it's not really a homepage, it's just some webspace Nipper owns witha link + some screenshots. usually gets updated really quickly after too though.

  4. I have a steange question(= A =)
    I downloaded your newest VPK file from
    and deleted old version VPK , installed newer

    but when i search games via "play online"

    i have spotted some games are playing "new version" and i can't join

    what happend? Orz

    (sorry for poor english grammer)

  5. These posts are hilarious except I cant actually tell what you are serious about and what you are joking about, and therefore cannot gain any information from it. Lol.

  6. hey is there any way to get blahhh map to work on cz or 1.6 it saying some error i even downloaded this and stillthis error keeps popping up?