Monday, October 5, 2009

The AI Director...

is a stupid piece of shit and doesn't spawn nearly enough zombies.


  1. It's also way too predictable. After the boomer and the smoker you will get... a hunter. Can't we have another boomer once in a great while?

    I was also disappointed to see that "random placement of bombs and guns" meant actually "random choice between a fixed set of spawn points." I wish it would allow you to define zones within which the stuff would spawn, rather than points. Then you'd never have your stuff popping up in an inaccessible space and it would be a lot more random.

    The specials need work too. Why does the witch just sit there if you start piling up propane cylinders around her, tossed from a discreet distance (sort of like curling), and then lob a pipe bomb into her lap? You'd think she'd at least run away.

  2. Didn't you know? The AI Director is the cause for all fucking misery on this fucking planet. he's also known for being a Computer Assisted Biologically Augmented Lifeform: it has LIVE DORMANT HUMANS HOOKED UP IN IT! It can THINK! It's taking over control of the world and will soon make your fucking fridge attack you! And your TV will send out subliminal messaging telling you to praise the AI Director. Show some respect for it man! Or it will send you to the robot-gulag.
    Damn I'm hungry. I'm gonna get myself something to eat.

  3. Expanding on Dr. Boo's comment; one could compare the AI Director to GLaDOS. But that would be unnecessary.