Friday, September 25, 2009

L4D2 impressions from the TGDGABE

Got a chance to preview l4d2 at the Tokyo Game Developers Going Away Birthday Extravaganza… Wow. I was impressed. The new special infected are great. The Spitter’s screeching howl and blinding effects were great and really put an end to the “six armed spud cannon” technique that now plagues the first game. I’m not sure why they thought the Charger needed to fly but it was a welcome change anyway. When you see it in action you’ll know why.

But my favorite of the new special infected was the newest cast member: The Sasquatch. Holy mother of mercy is this dude badass. He’s big and slow but if you get too close you become entangled in the hairy mangled carpet that covers his body. You then need to spray him with the new Weed-Killer item to free your captured comrades. The Weed-Killer takes the place of pain pills / adrenaline shot so choose wisely my fully evolved associates!

I didn’t get to see him in action that long because I was forcefully removed from the event by one of VALVe’s gestapo employees who insisted I take off my 50-gallon cowboy hat that reads “fuck all yall other mappers, NIPPER is KING! reppin’ www DOT joe DOT to bithces”. They said it was blocking peoples view. VALVe makes some good games but they dunno shit about fashionable hats.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Important update

night terror sucks and I don't feel like working on it anymore

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I'm so pumped for the NAEEDAC now

Just received correspondence from Chet Faliszek in regards to the func_vehicle controversy. Turns out that the implementation of func_vehicle was originally planned as part of the l4d1 crash corset DLC but was bumped back to be included in l4d2. The reasoning, in his words, was because "this shit is just too god damn badass for a puny little piece of garbage DLC". He went on to add "If this don't get your body movin your body must be DEAD and at that point the survivors will melee you to death. Keep an eye out for our all-car-map campaign to be revealed at next weeks Nickel Arcade Electronic Expedition Dragon Adventure Convention".

So there you have it, strait from the armadillo's mouth folks. as_crazytank for L4D2!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Moria: the real night terror?

It has come to my attention that map 3 (moria) is too hard for the terrorist team so I have decided to remove it from the campaign. It may or may not be replaced with a solemn tribute to the life and times of func_vehicle. I'll know more as soon as VALVe Dr. Chet Faliszek gets back to me on my email regarding the status of implementing the long forgotten love of all who are near and dear to us: func_vehicle.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Night Terror status update

Haven't touched the stupid thing in over a week and don't plan to anytime soon!